About Årø Vingård - Café and Shop

In March 2024, tenant Cindy Martin took over the keys to Årø Vingård - Café and Shop. For a long time, it had been Cindy's big dream to have a place where she could combine her great passion for food and wine with creating good experiences and bringing people together - on Årø, that dream could become a reality.

With the motto "Sønderjysk in the soul with a view to the world," Årø Vingård's most important task is to create culinary and cultural space, experience, and perspective for all with an interest in Årø and the surrounding area.

Årø Vingård - Café and Shop represents both the local nature of Årø, its culture, and the typical characteristics, trademarks, and qualities of Southern Jutland, supplemented with knowledge about Årø and the Danish small islands from both a national and global perspective.

Årø Vingård - Café and Shop therefore produces and sells dishes with a regional touch as well as trades in products from Southern Jutland and the small islands, including Årø Vineyard's own production of quality wines, to the delight of guests and tourists on Årø and in the surrounding area.

We look forward to welcoming you to our beautiful vineyard.

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